today…but before…

One year ago today I was in the doctors office, looking at our little miss via ultrasound, she was perfect, I was huge!  I was struggling with my sugars and with my blood pressure, but she was perfect!YATESKATHLEEN20120405142228519One year ago today the boys were playing with Aunt Juanita and dying eggs!  And being adorable!  They were very excited to meet baby sister!!

IMG_4180I then was on a mad rush!  Get someone to watch boys, pack bags for Eric and I, get dinner going, make sure all the beds were made with clean sheets…find someone to watch the animals, make sure Eric is on his way home, get the babies stuff together, clean the dishes…and then….IMG_4201



Meet Miss Anna Muriel!!  When it was time to push at 11:50pm I asked the doctor if we could lie about the time, I so wanted her to be born on 4-6-12!  The doctor laughed, there was no chance of a lie!  But Anna knew it was time, she was ready to bust outta there!  And poof I reached down and pulled Miss Anna into the world at 11:56pm on 4-6-12!!

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Miss Anna was and is a game changer.  She has changed EVERYTHING!  My kids all teach me things everyday, but Anna has taught me that I know nothing!  And not in a bad way, but in a “hey lady you have no idea” kinda way!  She makes us all smile a million times a day!  She was a tough cookie for the first 9 months, she knew what she wanted and wasn’t going to stand for any less!  And ya know what! That makes me so happy!!!  I hope that as she grows up she never forgets who she is!  I hope for her so very much!  But really, mostly, I just hope for happiness!!  As she has grown this year I have seen her begin to become Anna, and I am so excited to keep getting to know this little lady!!  Such a blessing these children are!  So much joy!  So much work!  So much love!  I might just burst! photo (28)

And as much as I don’t like that a whole year has passed…I am unbelievably excited to see who these little amazing people become over the next year!  Happy birthday tomorrow Miss Anna Muriel!  Happy birthday!