Remember when…

IMG_3082 It has been just over a year since Henry was in the hospital.  And thankfully a year since he last had any issues with his JIA!!!  He hasn’t had any more inflamed joints!  And although that doesn’t mean he is fully in the clear yet, it does show us that he most likely will not be having many “outbreaks”!!

The time leading up to his hospital stay and the time following it changed me so very much.  It changed the type of parent I am, it changed my view of medicine, it changed how I look at the everyday!  But more than anything it showed me who Henry is.  Those long weeks of him being uncomfortable, of us not knowing what was wrong, weeks of Henry not using his leg at all, of long days in the ER and long days in Doctors offices!  The days of being poked and prodded day and night, of tests and surgery and more tests!  Those days Henry and I learned so much about each other.  I learned about Henry’s character, his disposition, the kind of person he will some day be!

This picture pretty much sums him up to me.  It may not be the happiest of memories, but holy hanna…look at this monkey!  He is a content child, the most content I know.  He is adaptive!  I believe with everything in me that if they hand’t figured out what was going on that Henry would have adjusted to using one leg without complaint!  He is loving and snuggly, and boy!  He is all that being a boy entails!  This little man is not a complainer, he isn’t a fusser, he is strong, and brave and everything that I want to be when I grow up.

Thank you Henry, for reminding me EVERY DAY to live with joy, and passion, and love.  And complete craziness too, of course!


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