june 6th

It has been quite a while since I last came to this place.  Honestly, I just don’t have the time…who would have thunk!  My priorities are different, my goals for my day are different.

If I am being honest, we have been in survival mode.  It isn’t about getting things done as much as keeping our heads above water!  But we have turned a corner, oh what a beautiful corner we have turned!!  Our new normal is glorious!!  It is happier, and more structured, it give each of us some time to shine!  Miss Anna has found the amazingly wonderfully stupendous goodness called sleep!!  I am not a baby scheduler.  My boys found their schedule on their own, and they both were great sleepers.  I am a feed on demand, sleep on demand, wake on demand kinda mom.  But!!!  Anna made me question my ways.  Maybe, just maybe, she needed structure.  Maybe she just wasn’t going to be a good sleeper.  Maybe she would fuss till she turned 18 and moved into her own place (you better believe if you are going to fuss till you are 18 you are getting kicked out!).  Maybe, just maybe, I needed to let her fuss it out.  Well, I think she was listening and realized that she needed to buck up!  Because just when I thought I was surely going to die of sleep deprivation…she realized the goodness she was missing!  We are now a 8pm to 6 or 7am family!!!  She naps like a champ twice a day too!!!  And who knew, I just may not need a valium a day…sleep might just be enough!!


Sleep isn’t all that happened around here over the last few months!  Cole turned FOUR!  We went on vacation! TWICE! and Anna turned Five months!  Oh, and we lost Henry at the blueberry patch!  It has been a crazy last few months!!  And holy hanna can you believe fall starts in just a few days!?!  Wow!!


One thought on “june 6th

  1. OMG! I have missed reading about your adventures! Im glad to see you again and that everything is getting to YOUR ‘normal’! Miss Anna looks more and more like a big person and Cole just seems to have more curls every time I see him! And Ill bet Henry is still doing his thing. XD Hope you are all doing better now that everyone seems to be settling in to a routine. Miss you! *hugs*

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