on June 6th…

On June 6th my little Miss Anna will be TWO months old!  two months!  Geezo.

Since the last time I posted…

Henry got cuter! and I didn’t even know that was possible!!!

Anna got bigger!

Cole has mastered the art of the big brother!

She started having tummy time…

And liking it!
Little Miss is making eye contact like a normal human.  And a coo here and there, each one making me a little teary, they are just too sweet for words.

I have lost myself in her…I might need an intervention!  Her cheeks!  Her lips!  Her hair!!!  I am in love, deeply, whole heartedly IN LOVE!

We realized that she was actually looking at things…oh and she can roll over too

Overall, we have been just living our normal life.  Our normal life is awesome.  It is nothing special, nothing to write home about…it is completely perfect!  It is chaos, as usual.  Our normal life is very very loud!  Anna is working on her squeak of a cry, I think that she is realizing that if she is too quiet she will not be heard.  The boys still ask for her first thing in the morning and make sure to give her lots of kisses and tell her that she is “sooo cute!”.  Henry has been helping me feed her, and Cole is pretty much taken over all of the big brother duties.

I am thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY that I am not! pregnant! any! more!!!  No matter how much sleep I do not get, or how many hours a day I hold a crying baby, no matter how much poop I deal with or how much laundry I wash…nothing! could make me wish I was pregnant again 🙂  YIPPEE!!!  I love my body when there isn’t a baby growing in it!!  I am thankful that this little body can carry a child to term, a healthy child, but boy oh boy I am not a fan of the journey.

In May I turned a year older.  We ate far too many baked goods, and celebrated another year of being lucky enough to be a mom!  I even got a new lens for my camera…which is full of pictures of the little Miss.

It has been a good two months!  I am grateful in so many ways!  I have no complants (or very few at least)! But please, please, please…can this year go a little slower.  Please.  I need to soak it all in.



One thought on “on June 6th…

  1. OH! Your pictures made me smile so! I especially like the one of you and Miss Anna! Love the new blog layout too!! I can’t wait to see you all again!

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