baby girl

Three weeks!!!  Three weeks of our lives have gone!  That is amazing, and that is all it takes to forget how much pregnancy sucks!  It wasn’t all that bad!  She was more than worth whatever I was complaining about…wait, what was I complaining about?

We spend some of our time doing this!  But, don’t let that face fool you, she is still quiet and squeaky.  It is sad how much she is smiled at and told she is “so cute” or “very cute” while she is doing just this, she still has some work to do if she wants us to believe her.

But most of her time is spent sleeping, she likes to sleep.  The boys like that because then they can hold her, I like it because she is so darn cute and poke and squeeze when she is sleeping…and her sleep smiles just might kill me!!!

Someone told me that I would get over my fear of “girly”, that person was 1/4 of the way correct!  There are some of the boys clothes that I LOVE to see her in.  There are little frills and dresses that I LOVE!!  But, oh goodness, when I walk by the big girl clothes at the store I am still very close to full on panic attack.  Baby steps, I need baby steps 🙂

This little man, oh goodness!!  He has become much much more of himself over the last three weeks!  He talks nonstop!  NO, seriously, I swear, this kid can talk.  And he is so darn polite!  When we go to the store he ALWAYS says thank you to anyone who helps us, and he says goodbye to everyone.  He is a booger, a handful, he cannot be trusted, I am not about to let him walk without a stroller any time soon.  He is strong willed and hilarious.  He makes us smile seconds after making us angry.  This one is trouble with a capital T!  But…I love the this but…I wouldn’t change anything!  HONESTLY, I promise, I wouldn’t change it for nothin 🙂

Big brother, he was born a big brother, everything about him.  He is going to be 4 this summer but might as well be six!  He is so helpful, and loving, he was ment to be a big brother.  He is trying to completely skip his mid day nap/quiet time…and it is bad.  He isn’t ready, but he is ready to speak his mind.  The struggle is tough, and we often forget the importance of this little man getting his sleep…the result is him in full emotional breakdown.  Oh the joys of being a parent 🙂

Life in our house is wonderful!  It is complete chaos (we knew that was coming)!  I did seven loads of laundry today and put it all away! Eric baked mini pies and home made cheese its!  He is currently teaching himself to use my sewing machine.  It isn’t a place I would invite people to, it is littered with our life!  But it is perfect, and we are all enjoying it.



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