Can you believe it has been one whole week!!  Can you???  Did your week disappear as quickly as mine??  I don’t know what it is with babies and their inability to take their time growing…but seriously! Knock it off already!Miss Anna has fairly smoothly made her home here!!  She has won over her brothers hearts and completely made mush of Eric and mine.  Henry is doing better than expected, although he is surely having a hard time finding his place, but he is smitten with her as much as the rest of us!  He hasn’t tried to kill her yet!  And that is a huge plus if you ask me 🙂  He runs when she cries and says “my baby is crying!!”, and when he wakes up he says “where is my baby”  If I am not holding her it is the same question ” where is my baby” He is always wondering where HIS baby is!  It is about the cutest thing ever!!  Both the boys smother her with kisses and tickles and tell me how cute she is.  It isn’t easy, and our house is crazy right now, but it is amazingly beautiful to watch your kids love on their sibling!!

We have had some fantastic sunny days here!!  I am pretty sure that is why Anna came to meet us, she knew that the weather would be fantastic!  Cole and I seem to get to enjoy them the most as he and I don’t sleep as much as the littles.  But Anna has had her fair share, she has a bit of the jaundice so the vitamin D is highly recommended, so we listen.

She is growing, she is eating like a champ and she poops more than I remembering the boys ever pooping!!  They say in the first few weeks that you don’t see much poop, that regularity is not something to worry about…well HOME GIRL! she poops a ton!  Hahaha, at least we know she is getting enough of mamma’s milk 🙂  And she is quiet, she is sweet, she is a cuddler, and she is beginning to spend way more time awake!  Did I mention that she poops…A LOT!

We are trying to keep busy, trying to make sure that the boys are getting good run around time!

Today we are going on a picnic, yesterday the zoo!  The boys got to run around at the kidz bounce this last week and we took Anna on her first walk to the coffee shop!!  She has been a dream thru all of it!


2 thoughts on “ONE WEEK!!!

  1. woot woot, she is doing what the 3rd born should! Her and Yliana can now hang out since I know she won’t be giving my 3rd born any wild and fussy ideas 😉

  2. Oh!! She is so pretty!! I wanna get my hands on her!!! Im so glad the boys are doing well with her! Ill bet it is a relief! And on the subject of pooping… Nora was the same! It must be a girl thing! Her first dr.s appointment she pooped all up her back and we took all of her things home in a baggie! Yikes!!

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