Miss Anna Muriel Yates

On Thursday Anna and I headed out to one of our many weekly Doctor visits!  She was looking quite fantastic and I had noticed my blood pressure creeping up!  After chatting with the doctor we decided that to avoid a MAG birth we would induce me that night!  WHAT!  That ment at 4pm I was rushing home to get everything ready, get the kids off to Nana’s, take care of the animals, jump in the shower, feed Eric and I and get back to the hospital for a 7:30pm induction!

The glory of a third child, a third child who is induced!, is that you know what you are getting yourself into!  And your medical history lets the doctors know what your “normal” is!  I do not progress as fast as they would usually like, but they are ok with that when they see MY pattern!  So, we started with two doses of Miso and then we added a folly ball…then at 1pm Friday I was finally to 3-4 cm!!  I wasn’t kidding about it taking a long time!  It wasn’t until about 4:30 that I began having good contractions!  That I was breathing thru them, holding onto my husband!  Anna and I spent some time in the tub, some time on the ball and we paced!  I had a milk shake…but really just was quite nauseous, and very not hungry!  We needed to turn up the PIT so we checked me and I was at 6cm…still not in enough pain!!!  So, they came and gave me my spinal block but on the lightest setting!  I wanted to feel everything but I wanted to take the edge off the PIT…and he was amazing!  He did just that!  I rested and we let my body work.

I wanted to have Anna on the 6th!  I liked that day, I liked the symbolism of having her the same weekend we lost baby number 2!  I liked the evenness of 4-6-12 and it was a full moon!  but at 10 I was still at 8cm.  At just before 11 the contractions got real!  She finally decided to drop in and engage, she had been floating above my cervix and hadn’t descended and although they kept telling me that third babies come all at once I had a hard time believing them!  Quickly I moved about to help her move herself, she needed to get over…she seemed to be hitting my right hip!  And soon (well 40 minutes later) I was pushing.  It wasn’t on purpose, it wasn’t as if I was grunting and holding my breath…but MY body decided to push!  And well, I was ready.  Susan our nurse told me to breath, to just stay comfortable.  So, I did…I just let my body do what it wanted.  And then the Doctor came in.  She asked me to give a push and then 7 minutes after she came in…Anna was here!

I reached down, and I delivered my baby!  I pulled her to my chest and we all fell in love!  Oh goodness, we all fell in love!  I have a glorious picture of Susan our nurse and Eric and I and the doctor all smiling at the wonder of Miss Anna meeting us!  It was fantastic!  She cuddled for a bit and then they asked if they could cut the cord.  Miss Jenna was able to do that!!  And then we nursed and kept falling deeper in love!!!

The new Miss!

Daddy and his new little girl!!

The glory of labor being over!!

I haven’t know her for very long, I am not sure who she is yet!  But there are a few things I do know…First, she is sweet!!!  Second, she cries different then her brothers did (and she should work on that, her little lady cry isn’t going to get her what she wants around here!) Third…her brothers are madly in love with her!

Welcome to the world Miss Anna Muriel Yates!


One thought on “Miss Anna Muriel Yates

  1. OH Miss Anna!! How lovely you are! Its so nice to finally see who you are! I must say you look a bit like Henry! Welcome to the world little lady!

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