I was being placated.  I didn’t realize it, and usually I do!  Usually, I am not fooled so easily!  Maybe it is because I so wanted the information to be true, maybe my hopes took over and covered my eyes!  Maybe, just maybe I was missing the clues!  Who knows, but I was placated.  Most likely to just get me off their back…I am sure they are sick of me after three tries at a natural childbirth!!  “just tell her what she wants to hear, and then take care of it while she is gone”.  One thing I do know, is that this game is played by their rules, and if you don’t play by their rules then things get very uncomfortable very fast.  It is hard, I feel stuck, I don’t feel like my opinion matters or that my body or my baby matter…but, no matter how dumb it sounds!, the end result really is the same goal for all of us!  We all want a healthy babe, we all NEED a healthy babe in the end!  So, although my desires may not be what they think is the end we all want her here safe and healthy..and I guess that kinda makes it ok.

Oh, placated!  Haha, last Thursday I was told that we could wait till next Thursday (the 12th) to decide how she is doing…to possibly wait almost a full week to induce if need be, or to induce right away if need be…maybe to allow me to go into labor on my own!  But, that was where I was placated 😉  “oh ya, sure, we can wait and see”!  and me being so excited at the idea!!  It being ok to wait a possible three weeks to meet her!  Finally getting the birth that I want!  But then yesterday I got a call from one of the nurses at the office!  She was so sweet and so happy to inform me that we had our induction scheduled!  WAIT! WHAT!?  I didn’t know we were doing that.  Oh, she was so caught off guard, she was so excited to tell me and then trying to figure out what went wrong. Haha, poor thing.  I guess the dr told me one thing and then left notes that were so very different.  The date is set, Friday the 13th at like 6:30am!  Maybe I will go into labor earlier..and maybe I won’t…we will see!  I am doing all I can!  Three Chiropractor appointments this week and two next!  Two acupuncture appointments and all the walking I can possibly do!  But, as we all know, babies come when they are good and ready or when a Doctor hooks you up to PIT and they have no choice!  We will see!  Either way…we will be meeting Miss Anna one week from Friday or Saturday!!!!

Cook baby Cook!  And we can’t wait to see you!  You are welcome to join us on the other side whenever you like!!!!  (today would be great actually!!)


One thought on “Placate…

  1. OH YAY! Baby Anna is on the way!!! We can’t wait to meet her! The advice in my family goes: Bake a cake and while its in the oven, scrub the floor. Then you should go into labor that day or the next! HAHA!

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