Today we went to the doctor…again…like we are always doing!  And she is doing great!  She is chubby! chubby! chubby! but she is doing great!  And so am I!!!  My sugars are back under control and my BP is better than EVER!  And thanks to my mom for these amazing birthing hips that don’t make them too afraid of her size!  Sadly, this does not help my cause 🙂 haha.  I just want to hold her!  But, it is such an amazing thing to be told you and your babe are so healthy that they just might let you go into labor on your own!!!!  YIPPEEE!!!!  No meds, no crazy pit, no health fears!!!  YAY!!!!  So, now we wait (like normal pregnant people do) to go into labor!  And we hope it is soon, because being pregnant stinks!  I am so so happy for her, and so so sad for me 🙂  I have wanted a natural childbirth, completely drug free, for each of my kids.  With Henry we thought it was going to happen and then at the last minute it was the opposite!  With Cole we knew they weren’t going for it…and I let them know that I was not a happy camper!  What a rad thing to even get to think that this little lady just might come on her own!!  YIPPEEEE!!!  So, for now we wait…and we hope she comes on her own before I hit 40 weeks (they won’t let me go that far, too many issues with diabetic babes late in pregnancy)!  Maybe, just maybe, she might come on Friday the 13th!!!!  A very lucky happy day in our book!  Eric and my anniversary is on a Friday the 13th 🙂  I love when dates collide!!

I just hope I can get some sleep in sometime in the next few weeks!!  I was very much so looking forward to having my very own body back to myself (well, as to my self as a newborn allows).


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  1. oh yay, have never said this because I thought they were going to have her come early, but if Friday the 13th does not work out she can come April 15th and share a birthday with a really awesome lady 😉

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