Yesterday we went to the doctor, they just monitor Anna on this early week appointment.  They hook me up to a machine and I chat and knit while they make sure that she is moving and her little heart is going fast and slow.  These little monitor sessions should take about 15 that time they want to see her heart have three up/down movements.  Hahaha, mine usually take WAY longer!  With Cole it was the same way.  We do this twice a week and they take between 45 minutes and an hour and sometimes they never get the information they are looking for.  They seem to get worried some times but I keep telling them…she is fine 🙂  They do this little buzzer/noise maker thingie if she won’t wake up and it always makes me laugh.  As if her two big brothers running around and climbing on me all the time hasn’t already taught her how to sleep thru anything 😉  Needless to say, that little machine never helps their cause!!  Monday’s monitor session went fantastic!  It was just before lunch time and she was awake and moving just like they like to see, that helps my goal of one more week!

I knit her another sweater this week…but it was a total fail!  Haha, maybe my first fail in sweaters for her ;(  Super cute black yarn, very simple, little button holes, nothing fancy.  But alas, small!  When I asked Eric if he thought it might fit he asked me if it was for a human baby.  It is small!  Haha, maybe one of the NINE babies due between here and August will be super crazy tiny!  And I will be ready 😉

I am trying to think of things to stock the freezer with!  If you have any suggestions pass them my way!  When asked if I am ready…I say…Yes!  Hurry up already!!  But what I think I mean is that I am fully completely prepared for complete CHAOS!  I am not in any way thinking that this little lady is going to smoothly transition from womb to hands, there will be struggles and my boys will have needs that I could never begin to know yet!  But, I think that accepting this now, before it happens, might lessen the blow (I HOPE!!!)

Cole is super excited!!!!!  He is excited to go to the hospital to meet her, excited to see her after her bath of course! And was pretty much in tears yesterday when I informed him that she would not be sleeping in the crib in his room right away 😦  Oh goodness, the kiddo was so sad.  But I told him it wouldn’t be too long!  That soon she would be sleeping in there with them.  I don’t think I have fully realized what his expectations are, but we will figure it out as we go 🙂  He is going to be a fantastic Big big brother…although he insists he is still too small to be a big big brother and cannot take on the job until he turns FOUR in July!  I am trying to tell him he is ready now, silly monkey.

Incase you were wondering…I am huge!  LIKE GIANT!  I might be able to win some sort of contest.  And I am thankful that this is almost over!  Haha.  With Henry I got one little stretch mark right under my belly button two days before he was born..and thankfully it went away when he was born!  With Cole, my young supple skin avoided them all together!  But, oh joy, Miss Anna has given me like six!  Right where Henry’s were.  I am hoping they go away like they did with Henry but it is just par for the course!  Another issue that I am having with this big ol belly is my insulin pump.  So, I always have a little catheter in my tummy somewhere, I change the needle every three days.  It goes from Left side to Right and up and down around my tummy.  But, my space is very limited right now.  It needs a little chub to work, and there just isn’t any left!  And in three days I am growing so the catheter isn’t staying in correctly!  We have moved to the muffin top but it still is limited!  Hahaha, overall, I am thankful that she is coming soon and I get my body back!!!!!

Here is a picture, it is horrible!  I am in my jambones! I am making a crazy face, it is dark, my room is not in tip top shape…but you can see how HUGE I am 🙂


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  1. you look great! I have no ideas on recipes for freezing…but I did make phenomenal lemon brownies (on my pinterest) it’s really just lemon cake. Freeze that sucker!

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