Anna has been given the ok to cook a little longer:)  But, we need to be ready!  I was told on Tuesday that she would have to come out next Thursday!  And then on Thursday that she could cook till the following Thursday, putting her in April!  Oh the joys of a big huge practice where you don’t see the same person…ever!  I have two appointments this week, one on Monday and one on Thursday, and we will see how they go.  The Doctor put me on a medication that I have not taken for years and years.  The med makes me so sick that when they tried putting me on it when I was first diagnosed with diabetes I only took it for about a month.  I hate it!  But my body isn’t processing the HEAPS of insulin I am pumping into it, and if I can get control for just four days before I have her than the chances of her staying out of the NICU are much much better…so I will just have to be sick!

Eric is pretty sad, he was super excited to meet her next week and is terribly sad to have to wait another week.  I told him there is still a chance…but I want her to cook if we can.  And I hate to complain about a week when she will be two weeks early either way…some people go two weeks PAST their due date!  YUCK hahaha.

Sleep is gone, there is no more sleep!  During the day a nap is doable if they boys let me, but at night…no sleep at all.  It is sad, and frustrating, and makes me grouchy.

I am excited to meet her…soon so so soon!


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