Want to see another picture of Anna??  I have this on my fridge and I LOVE it!  Although, I reckon that these ultrasound pictures just aren’t as amazing to other people 🙂 

When I go to the doctor, Cole always asks “mom, are you going to the doctor with the big computer and the black and silver pictures of Anna??” He has only gone to one ultrasound this time around but he is still fascinated.  He makes this whole pregnancy thing a bit more fun!  It is hilarious to hear the things that he thinks about Anna and what is going on in my belly!  The other day he tried to look thru my bellybutton to see her and he is still stuck on what color her eyes will be!  The other day he was switching between black, blue, purple or red!  Lets just hope that he is a little off 😉

A friend asked yesterday if we have a date yet, and I am hoping to get that all figured out on Thursday…she then said that the 29th is SIXTEEN days away!!  Sixteen days till we get to meet MISS ANNA!!!  This may be stressful, it may not be how I want her to be born, it may not be my ideal birthing situation…but sixteen days sounds AWESOME!!!  Yay!!!!  I can’t wait!!!!!  I seriously can not wait to meet her!!!!!


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