Holy Hanna!!!  Did you know that it is already the 6th of MARCH!!!  That is just crazy!

In the last few weeks we celebrated a second birthday!

This little man makes us smile so much, he is the craziest child ever!  His ears are almost always broken, but he makes up for it with his personality!!  He is way too much fun and enough energy to keep Cole entertained all day!  Those boys sure do love each other!!!

We also started having more and more doctors appointments!  Anna and I now go two times a week, we do ultrasounds once a week and have to lay down and do NST (non stress tests) twice a week.  Our little lady looks as healthy as we can hope, she is big…huge!  With both boys I thought they were crazy when they said this, but I can tell this little lady is quite big!  They tell me she has hair…lots of it already!  and that there is just too much fluid in there with her!  My diabetes has been rapidly spinning out of control for the last three to four weeks and we can’t seem to get a handle on it  (part of the reason she is getting big as well as why she has so much fluid keeping her afloat).  As for now, we are just watching the little lady and making sure she is still doing ok (which she is!!!) and deciding what will be best for both of us!

The new plan is to have her a little earlier.  My motherly intuition is ok with this, which says a lot considering how much I fought for both boys to cook longer!  I do feel that she might be better off outside of my body.  These issues are not things that we had to deal with when pregnant with either of the boys, and thankfully we didn’t have to deal with during the beginning of this pregnancy!  Looks like miss Anna will be meeting us this month!!!!  I will know more specific dates on the 22nd when we do another big ultrasound…but for now I am assuming we will meet her the last weekend of the month.

While all of this craziness with the little lady is going on…and I am trying my hardest to make her little living space as healthy as possible…these two munchkins keep me smiling!  They seriously are amazing!  They have so much energy, way more than any two humans should probably have, but boy oh boy do they keep it interesting.  Currently, Cole is quite fixated on seasons and what happens in each season…from the color of the leaves to the amount of sun and what holidays and birthdays fit in between.  Henry is obsessed with planes, batman and thomas the train.

Cole is ready to meet Anna, as long as she is big enough.  He is ready to go stay with Nana and Papa and have them take him to the hospital to visit us.  He is terribly concerned about how dirty she will be when she is born and insists that she has a bath before he meets her.  He wants to know what color her eyes are and whether her fingers will be all wrinkly from being in mommys water for so long.  He is pretty much just fascinated.  His newest thought is that a family just isn’t a family unless there are FOUR kids!!  Let me just tell you, there will NOT be four kids in this family so he will just have to get over that one 😉



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