I know, I know…I have been a bit MIA!  But alas, all is going well here!  No exciting news, no big reason why I haven’t been writing…just life.

Our days are spent somewhere between complete laziness and overwhelming running about.  The anticipation of a new life coming to our home is effecting all of us!  We are all in a different state of anticipation…me mostly horribly overwhelmingly excited, Eric just ready, Cole very excited to meet her and see what color her eyes are, and Henry…poor poor Henry…he senses that his life is in for a big change!

Henry really seems to be my only worry about her arrival.  I think we are all set for baby goods, all set up for adding her little body to our house! But poor Henry, I fear that he may have a hard time sharing his cuddles when she is born.  He is quite the cuddler!  Ever since he was born I have known that the kid didn’t realize he wasn’t an only child!  He likes what he likes when he likes it!  haha, maybe this little lady will know that she is not an only child! Haha.

As for what is really going on over the next few months….lots of Doctors appointments..moving from once every two weeks to weekly/twice a week.  They will very (too much so if you ask me) closely be tracking her growth and my health.  As for now they say she is 2.2lbs and in the 60th percentile.  With both boys they thought they would be HUGE!  Like well over 10lbs and I will assume that they will think the same for her..although they were  not that big:)  The plan is to be induced on April 6th.  Hoping that she will be here by Sunday!!

I am a bit excited about this timing…we lost our second pregnancy on Easter Sunday and it would be a bit redeeming to have her the same time!  But, we will see!

Between now and then…I finish working my one day a week, have a few showers to attend, a wedding, a little man I know will be turning TWO!, a anniversary to celebrate, and a lot of preparing to do!


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