What I have learned…

I have learned A LOT!  I am a wealth of knowledge about ones ESR and other inflamation indicators.  But for the most part the learning curve on a sick child is not nearly as smooth as i would like it!  Here is my run down:

1: if you are going to be admitted to the hospital…hope and pray that your have a good sleeper!  Oh goodness, I feel for those who’s children need a quiet dark place to sleep.  And at the same time I am thankful that Henry does not!

2: Needing to take medication every six hours on the dot is much much easier to keep track of when you set alarms!  Thank you iphone for letting me set multiple alarms!  Every six hours that thing goes off and I am reminded to tend to him

3: Medication that needs to be given at 1:30am every day for six weeks is easier to administer if you place it on an ice pack on your side of the bed instead of leaving it downstairs in the fridge…knowing that the 1:30am dose is going to require only a smidge of energy makes it much easier!

4: You NEED help!  You need to take it when it is offered!  You need to know that people are there for you.  Managing a house from a hospital while also tending to a small child and trying to learn as much as you can is no easy feat!

5: Your other children will survive, but dividing and conquering is helpful!  As hard as it is to leave, it is best for everyone if you split the duties between both parents!  Trying to keep some sort of normalcy helps EVERYONE!

6: It isn’t so bad to think about the worst case senario!  Sometimes a big scare about what might be wrong will help you take in what has to happen.  Who would have known I would be so thankful to have my child put under and have his leg cut open!  Better than what could have been for sure!

7: Be thankful, always always always be thankful!  Life is hard, but it is good, something is ALWAYS good!  It is hard, and crazy and scary, but it is always good


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