A life…

In our life, in our little home, in our everyday, I never thought we would be dealing with so much at the same time!  It is an odd mix of fear, and stress, thankfulness, and peace.  It is strange to think about all that we are and what we will be and to remember that none of it, absolutely none of it is under control!  Here are a ton of pictures that I want to remember 🙂

This is the first day, the day we realized that something wasn’t quite right.  If I had known then what I know now…I wouldn’t have been so happy that our ER visit only lasted 40minutes!  But he sure was happy to have that otter pop!

Here is our second ER visit, this one was 8 hours!  Our little man was a trooper and we truly thought that things were going to get better after this visit!
We, thankfully, made a quick trip to the pumpkin patch and got a pumpkin and carved it!  Glad we did this when we did!  Because the next day Henry had a follow up appointment at Orthopedics, we were told to go right to the ER from there.  And from that appointment at the ER we were admitted to the hospital.  That ER visit was interesting, not the longest visit we had but surely the most uncomfortable for Henry.  He had his knee tapped, we decided not to sedate him, instead they gave him some medazle (no idea how you spell that!) to relax him kinda like valume would do.  Then he sat in my lap and they stuck a big old needle into his knee and drew out some of the fluid.  It wasn’t comfortable for him, and he wasn’t happy, but a minute later he was high as a kite and quite a crowd pleaser.  Sadly, that tap is why we were admitted to the hospital.  His fluid wasn’t normal.

That night we started the wonderful world of hospital life.  He was monitored every two hours, he was put on antibiotics.  At 7am they decided to do an MRI later that day.  They don’t know why he has the fluid in his leg, they don’t see any bacteria all they know is that there is something going on in there.  The MRI will be followed immediately by surgery to clean out his joint.  The MRI will determine if the infection that they suspect has gotten into his bones (thankfully that wasn’t the case!).  At this point Henry hasn’t eaten or drank anything since Sunday nights dinner and it is now Tuesday!!  His MRI/Surgery will be at 1:45pm and he can’t eat till after he comes to!  He is getting irritated, but overall he is still happy and silly and adorable!  It is amazing, well not really, how much this community rely’s on outward signs of pain to determine what is wrong or how serious it is.  I reckon the reason that it took so long to get anything done is because they didn’t want to believe there was anything wrong with him because he was so stinking happy and cute!  Hahahaha, you have no idea how much I heard a kid with this issue doesn’t act like this!  But he did and that is just who he is!







Henry got back to us 4:00pm



He was sleepy, and so so happy to be back with us!  He had his leg wrapped and a tube and heplock.  The fluid was plentilful!  But it was out of his leg and not inside!!
His recovery was wonderfully quick!  By the next morning he was pulling himself up, and wanting to get moving!!  Henry is a tough cookie!  He is so very loved and the well wished and gifts and love were so very felt in our little room!  We got out of that hospital TWO days early!  Henry still wasn’t walking but he was wanting too!!  We came home with scheduled doctors appointments once a week for the next six weeks.  He will have blood work at each appointment.  We also have to see a few different specialist over the next month to try and figure out what is wrong with him.  His medication is every 6 hours on the dot!  He can’t let the medication get out of his system, so we can’t be late!  His medication is expensive and not covered by our insurance, but it still better than being in the hospital!  It is crazy, it is all so so crazy, but in the end I am so thankful to be home, and I know that he is too!!

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