mish mosh…

So, this is going to be about as random as random gets!  And it is going to be  random because my life right now is in complete chaos, so my blog should be as well 🙂

first…My hair.  (gotta love how much I can’t take a picture of me).  I have now been shampoo free since May, and I LOVE it!  It is so cheap, and quick, and my scalp is so happy!  I do need a trim, but I am trying to grow it super long and know I should cut it but don’t want to 😦  I also am getting pretty good and grey at the temples but once again, I am just going to go with it for now.  I have upped my Baking Soda mix to 1.5T to 8oz water and am using infusium23 leave in treatment on my ends only (I use a spray bottle after I towel dry and just shoot the ends)  I go about three days between washes and am really happy with it!  My hair is way way less frizzy, and has heaps of body (which my mom says is because I am preggers, but I can hope it is going to stay!)So, here is the official update…Henry woke up on Thursday at 1:30pm from his nap, he was crying (my kids don’t cry when they wake up) So I held him, and he fussed and I brought him downstairs and gave him a snack on the couch and he fussed.  When I changed his diaper he lost it, and then I tried to stand him up and he just collapsed.  He fussed and wouldn’t move.  Five hours later he was more fussy and it was obvious his right leg was not working.  Our first trip to the ER!  In and out, xray showed everything was fine.  Dr the next day, lets watch it.  If it isn’t getting better on Monday lets get an ultrasound.  Friday he wouldn’t walk, but he was back to his normal happy self!  Saturday, still no walking, no crawling, wouldn’t even roll over…but Happy as a clam!  So, second ER visit.  This time we took him to Childrens, good idea!  EIGHT hours later we went home.  His lab works shows there is no viral infection but they are not sure what is wrong, the xray shows there is fluid build up in his knee.  We have moved from thinking it is his hip to now thinking knee or maybe foot.  Sunday, Henry is fussy and uncomfortable still not moving.  Monday…back to the ER.  His knee still has fluid, his labs are looking better!  But he still won’t walk-at all!  He will crawl a little, but not much.  He has stopped cruzing on the furniture, and sleep isn’t quite as peaceful ;(  Today we go in to see an orthopedist.  Maybe they will have some answers.  As of the ER visit yesterday, he won’t walk for between a week and two weeks…but we don’t know why 😦  This is the pits!

Oh, and thru all of this lets not forget that I am growing a baby as well!!  And it is getting so big!  We had another ultrasound last week!  Looking good little one!!!  I am anxious to find out what this little monkey is!  I have an apt on the 1st, and I secretly hope they can take a peek that day 🙂  But I doubt it and we will have to wait till either just before or just after Thanksgiving!


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