When I was pregnant with Cole I was a young flower.  Growing gracefully and embracing all that the pregnancy was.  Eric and I were carless, we took public transportation, and walking EVERYWHERE!  When I was 9 months pregnant I was walking from the bus stop with bags of groceries!  This is my young sprite self at 26WEEKS!  With Henry my body was happy to be carrying another child, the pregnancy was tough from the go, I was quite ill with Henry.  My body gracefully accepted the belly taking on ONE solitary stretch mark exactly two days before we held Henry!  This is me at Five months pregnant!so…This is what I know NOW.  My body is so excited to be HUGE!  It was as if as soon as the HCG was running in my blood that my pelvis and uterus said “Hey, lets get this going!”  I fear what is going to happen, hahaha.  Because this is me today, in my FOURTH month!

I wonder if this is the pregnancy that will bring on the water retention, the stretch marks, the vains, the heartburn…all of the things that people complain about but that I haven’t really had issues with!  EEK!  On a positive note…my energy level is awesome! and I don’t feel sick at all!

Please excuse the terrible picture, when Eric gets home I will put up a better one! 🙂



One thought on “belly!…

  1. your so good, guess how many pictures I have of my belly with baby #3. ZERO! Got your request for the noon time slot and can’t wait to do pictures of your little guys.

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