And finally…

I finished the cowl!!  I weaved in the ends, and hung it on a hook and took a picture!  It is so soft, it is long, it is raspberry!  And it will be delivered soon!Thank you MaybeMatilda for the crochet along!  I seriously learned a ton…but I don’t know if I learned enough to do it without you ;(  I hope so, I really really hope so!!

On another note…I also finished the baby’s first sweater!!  One that will be worn home from the hospital!!  We had our last frost so late this year that I fear when this baby comes home in early April that it might be freezing!  We will see.  The final touches on the sweater cannot be finished will we find out if baby three is a boy or a girl!  We might find out in Early NOVEMBER!  Or we might wait till 20 weeks and find out in Early DECEMBER!!  Hahaha, I still wish I was someone who could wait, but…I AM NOT! (side note: the sweater is small! as in if this baby is 10lbs it won’t fit!  One of the few reasons that I can make it so small is because I know that they won’t let this baby get nearly that big..oh the joys of medical issues!)



4 thoughts on “And finally…

  1. Great job–the cowl looks beautiful! What a pretty color . . . that’ll be so cheerful and nice in the dead of winter. And are we going to get to see sweater pictures?! I’m excited!

  2. Love the color…pink is my fav. Raspberry sounds so sophisticated, too. :0) Wasn’t this project fun??

    Congrats on the baby! Can you IMAGINE having a ten pounder? OWW! :0)

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