Today is Tuesday.  This morning we got up early.  I woke up the boys at 6:40am!  Both of them groggy, and I got them dressed.  We went downstairs and we had some juice.  We laughed and chatted and gave hugs and snuggles.  They were excited (Henry didn’t know why but Cole knew), I was more nervous than excited.  Nana came and picked us up and we drove in the early morning light.  Cole commented that it was getting light.  Fall is here, and it is beautiful!  We parked and walked up the street, got in the elevator and went to the very familiar 7th floor!  And when we got there at 7:15am, we went right in and saw this…Cole was sad to not find out what color it’s eyes are, but he was very sure today that it is a boy (everyday it is different!) and he informed me, and later his dad, that his new baby is brown and pink according to the camera. ( He is way into seeing color these days that I cannot see, very odd!)

That there little monkey is about 12 weeks give or take.  That little baby has a heart beat of 174 beats a minute!  That little monkey up there makes me quite tired!  And we are so thankful for that!!!  And soon we will find out if that little baby is another adorable little man or if maybe this time that little one is a girl!!  Time will tell 🙂

In early April we will meet that baby, hold that baby, kiss that baby, and be so so excited to see what color that babies eyes are!!!!

As for today, I am just thankful that this baby is ok.  It was almost this time that we lost a baby between the boys.  This week has been tough.  It still effects me greatly at times, still scares me, still creates a fear that did not exist before.  But, with this ultrasound, I have crossed into a place of peace.  Hahaha, for now, my health and all do make this whole pregnancy thing a little more stressful!

Here’s to a healthy mamma and babe!!



4 thoughts on “Tuesday…

  1. this is what I said to myself when I read the title of your blog. “Tuesday . . it’s Tuesday and I’m pregnant.” Didn’t think much of it until I read that you really are! Yippee! Beginning of April huh? I’m thinking the 4th is a great day! Congratulatino to and Eric and the boys. Sending all my good thoughts and happy wishes to you guys. Miss you tons!


    • It was my first thought! Wouldn’t it be fitting to have this one share a birthday with you?!? Henry got to share, this one should too. Hahaha, great minds think alike hahaha

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