late late late

So…last winter I was asked by somebody I will not name here, if I could make said person a cowl.  Long, wrap around twice, and pink (but a good pink) and I said Sure!  Then I started it, and tore it out and started it and tore it out and then started it and put it in a huge pile of stuff I need to finish.  Then, a week ago a wonderful little lady started a crochet along and I decided to jump in!  I knit, but I don’t crochet.  Well, I kinda do.  I can do a hat, and I made a crazy looking rabbit one time 🙂 But I can’t follow a pattern because I don’t know what the heck they are talking about.  So, I thought I would finally actually get this scarf done for above said person!!  And, so far so good!  I really like this yarn! (I promise above said person that it isn’t the color you see in this picture, I just couldn’t capture the goodness quite right!)  And, best part..I have to finish it for the crochet along, so it is GOING to be finished very soon!!!


I am learning so much!  I hope that I learn enough to do a crocheted edge on this sweater I want to knit 😉  hahaha


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