After a full year of Cole asking if we can go blueberry picking again we finally went!  It seems a little late this year, but we also have had less sun than I remember last year!  We have gone twice in the last week or so.  Both boys LOVE it!  Our first go was just the boys and I, and Henry had a hard time walking in the fields so I wore him most of our time (he loves that anyway!).  On yesterdays trip Eric went with us along with Jenna and her boys.  Henry was able to walk much easier at this little farm!  But he did get frustrated when he could see me but couldn’t get thru the bushes!  Silly monkey.

We have enjoyed handfulls of blueberries for breakfast and snacks, blueberry pancakes and blueberries in cereal!  We are looking forward to blueberry waffles, scones, a buckle, and some coffeecake!  Right now I am freezing about half of what we have on hand ( I am completely sure we will be going once a week thru the season!) and hopefully we can enjoy the frozen berries thru the winter, and maybe that will help Cole make it to next season 🙂

We average about three lbs a go!  And at 1.25 a lb it is a sweet (hahaha) deal!  And I can’t even explain how much better they are then the grocery store berries!!!!


One thought on “picking…

  1. Let me know when you go again, we are looking to go and could maybe join you. That would be a fun place for some pictures 🙂

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