Remember when it wasn’t KatyChuckBaby, but it was just Katy and Chuck and Sid!  Ya, we lived like that for a while, just the two of us and our Dog.  And we liked it, and so did he!  And then we had Cole, and Sid liked that too!  And THEN we added Henry!  And Sid was still cool with that!  Because Sid is a pretty easy going pup, he barks too much!, but he is pretty kick back.  In fact, Sid would just lay in bed with me forever after the boys were born, he knew that I was tired, and he could wait to go potty all day!  Because he is that amazing!  And when it rains outside, he hates it and won’t go potty because he doesn’t want to get his little feet wet!  And when he was little we would put a coat on him but still carry him so that he wouldn’t have to get wet on our walk to work because you could tell he was hating life!

Well, that pooch is at the vet!  Poor pooch!  And we don’t know what we are going to do yet!  We have to make some decisions today around one.  And I don’t know yet what those decisions are but I do know that Sid is one of our babies!  He is sick and we need to make sure he gets better!  So, although he might not be a  human baby, he still is getting blood work and xrays today and possibly a hospital stay and IV fluids and if he needs it I suppose he will also be having surgery!  So nobody talks about it, and we all judge, I suppose if we have to we will be eating ramen for a month…because he is our pooch and the vet is expensive!  Oh Sid, please get better and come home soon!  It is so quiet without you! 


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