A few months back I was offered a job.  A job in San Francisco!  It was a wonderful opportunity, a jump from where I was before I had kids.  A chance to be involved in something amazing!  A sweet group of people, in an industry that is fascinating to me.  Best of all, flexibility!  Bringing the kids along, working from home, great hours in a low key office!  We thought about it, started looking into what it would take to get us there.  What would we be sacrificing, what do we REALLY want for our family.  And that is when we realized that moving to a major city, like San Francisco, would be a step back from where we want to be.  It is crazy, to give up a job that had so much potential!  Years ago we would have JUMPED on it, but now we are not just thinking about jobs, we are thinking about the lives we are living with!  These boys, what we want for them, what we want their priorities to be, what our priorities are…it is a lot to think about.

Driving thru San Francisco earlier this month made us think again about the opportunity, and thankfully, we are not sad we gave it up!  Sad that we didn’t get to move to a rad city, but not sad to have decided what we did!  Our desire to have more space for the kids to run and be crazy, to be outside, love the outdoors, learn about animals and really appreciate the world around them!

Someday, maybe sooner than later, we will have a bit of space to teach them about growing food, chickens, where our food comes from and how to build a sweet tree house with a swing!

For now, we will enjoy the time we get to spend with friends and family!  Here, where we are now!
This is miss “peaches” again, she is now THREE weeks old!  Can you believe it!  We are thankful for all that we have here, in this place, right now, just the way it is!


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