Happy July…

I don’t do the whole “what I wore Wednesday” thing, I think about it, but I don’t.  And I don’t because I get dressed everyday even though we stay home…just like I check my email just as much as I did when I was a working lady!  These are things that keep me sane.  I had a hard time after Cole was born, telling people that I stay home with him, that I don’t work out of the house, that this IS what I do!  But, quite recently, I have completely accepted it and become a bit proud of my place in our home!  Of my JOB!  It might not be bringin in heaps of cash (although I bring in a little, hehehe) it sure as all heck save us a TON!  OK, I am totally off topic here…

I bring up the What I wore Wednesday thing because THIS is what I am wearing today!…
Yup!  Those are skinny jeans with a black long sleeve top and grey BOOTS!  What the heck man!  It is the middle of JULY!  I know I live in the PNW, I know that it is amazingly beautiful here because it is so wet thru the year…but JULY!  SUN!!  Where the hell are ya?!?  I miss the sun, and this is not helping much 😉

Just so you know…I tried, I first had on a tank with my jeans and some flip flops…and the boys were in shorts and tee’s but now are also in pants and shirts 😦  Oh summer, we would love to see your shinning face


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