Today Cole is THREE!  It has been an amazing year, he has grown so much and is becoming his own little man more and more each day.  He is a crazy ball of energy most of the time and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  


He is the best big brother! He loves all things boy. He is sensitive and emotional. His love of fire engines and work trucks is impressive. He knows our planet in the solar system, but can’t tell you his last name. He wants to know what EVERYTHING IS and WHY. He would color, play with legos, read, and shoot things all day long if I let him! He still naps during the day, and still sleeps like a log at night. He thinks chocolate milk is scary and that bubble water is spicy. He wants to go to Naunie’s house about three times a week and Nana and Papa’s the other days. He is so much fun to talk to, his imagination is amazing!

Cole, you are an gift, a present that makes my heart happy. Thank you for being you. Remember to be yourself, be strong, be sensitive, keep asking questions, and always be crazy all the time! We love you…to the moon AND back!


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