Ok, So, I haven’t given an update on my shampooless life so here it is…

This is the only picture I could find of my hair down, hahaha, looks like I need a what I wore Wednesday for my hair!

We are six weeks in, and it hasn’t necessarily been easy.  At about week 4 I almost washed my hair, but I pushed thru and am very thankful!!  My hair is fuller, not in a frizz ball big hair kind of way, but in a my curls start at the root now and are giving me more volume.  And my hair feels wonderful, less frizzy, really thick and healthy!  OH, and I forgot to tell you…I only use the baking soda!  I scrapped the apple cider vinegar at about week two, the smell was too much for me and my hair isn’t dry without it!  I did try tea tree oil before I left it behind, but it was like using perfume when you are already stinky…gross!

I have found that my hair does get more oily than it used to…mind you I very very rarely had oily hair even after four days without washing it!  My hair is dry.  But now if I got a day or two without “washing” or seriously rinsing I do find it to be oily.  And it hasn’t cured my scalp issues like I had hoped, but I am not finding it to be any worse, maybe a bit better but not gone!  Oh the joys of super super thick hair!

One thing that I do need to watch, and I am assuming that this is completely unrelated, is a little bald spot I have along my part!  EEK!  I got a bunch of these after Cole was born and they grew back perfectly fine, but this one is in a really obvious spot.  I do wonder if washing my hair more often is just making it more obvious?!  We will see.

Overall…it is amazing!  It is cheap, it travels so well, it is healthy and it doesn’t stink!  I am really really happy with it!  I very very rarely “do” my hair, when I get around to it I will have to let you know how it does without product!  Scary 🙂

The big question now is do I switch over the boys!!  HMM


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