A trip…

So, our trip was wonderful!  The weather was amazing, of course, and the friends were so much fun!  My boys do love our friends back in CA and it is so fun to encourage those relationships!!  And Eric and I both realized how much we really really do miss the heat and the sun.  We spent 95% of our time outside, and about 75% of that time our boys spent without clothing and about 50% of that time was in the water!  It was a great little get away, although Eric and I both could have done without the drive!

A recap…

the boys and I left our house at 2:30pm on Thursday, we got gas and headed out to pick up Eric.  The boys both were asleep about 15 minutes into our drive to get him

Picked up Eric and headed out figuring we could stop in SF to stay the night with some amazing friends!

At about 9 we realized we were never going to make it!

At 1:10 we pulled off the road right after coming down from Mt. Shasta, Eric slept in the drivers seat with Cole and Henry and I curled up in shotgun.

At 4:15 I woke up the troops and we headed out!  The three boys slept till about 7 when we stopped for coffee and doughnuts just north of SF!

Are you seeing how long this drive is taking!

At 9am we passed the Golden Gate Bridge!  We figured we were doing great on time so we took PCH to see the coast.  Then we thought hey why not do the 17mile drive (side note: don’t EVER do this!  it is a rip off!  you see just as much beauty just driving the coast!)

This is where we made our worst decision….we should have turned back, we should have said na lets take the 101!  But we committed!  and now we were stuck!  For HOURS!  a six hour drive became a 12 hour drive!  And poor Henry got so car sick with all the switch backs!  At about 7 I had given up, I was done WE WERE NEVER GETTING THERE!!  All the while the kids had maybe cried a total of one hour between the two of them!  They are great car travelers!  Reading books and playing cars!  They were wonderful!  I, ME, Katy, was a horrible wreck at 7pm!!  We finally pulled into CASA WILLHOIT at 10pm.

I kid you not the next three days were spent in the sun, from breakfast outside to dinner outside!  The boys spent nearly the whole trip clothingless and in the water!  We hung with friends and family and ate well.  It was perfect!

Then we drove home!  We left at 4:50am and drove and drove and drove!  The kids slept nearly the whole day, napping and snacking and reading and Eric and I played 20 questions to try and stay awake…we pulled into our little home at 2:00am on Wednesday morning!  And got into the jammers I left on the beds before we left, we climbed into the beds with fresh sheets put on the day we left and we slept, and slept and slept until 7am when the boys woke up!  And then Eric went to work!  Hahhaha, I sure am glad that the three days we spent there were so nice, because the three days of driving kinda stunk 😉

Not that you can tell by these pictures…but we spent out time with the Willhoit family and Keith and Paige, Amy and Jeff and their kids and even had dinner with my Dad and Pat. We also saw other friends that haven’t been seen in ages!!  Most of my pictures I can’t even post, there are just too many adorable little baby bottoms! Dad got to spend some time with the boys…they were so so hyper!  It was amazing how much energy they had!This is how I remember most of our trip…beautiful views and sleeping boysboys in the water…again!Lot’s of time spent with this lady (I know, aren’t you glad that I put this beautiful picture of you on the internet! love ya)and I seem to have even had some time to do this…

It was a great little vacation!


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