Right now I am kinda obsessed with a few things….

Photoshop elements overlays and actions!  I can’t get enough!!



Paisleepress are my favorites right now!

Another obsession…

70’s esque blog creativeness!  (ya, I totally made that up!) but seriously, I LOVE it!!

Miss Jill at Lune is amazing

another one I can’t get enough of is PuglyPixle…kinda the best of both worlds…lots of photoshop stuffs and heaps of amazing photography and ideas!!

Another thing that I am obsessed with is…


Quince and Co yarns!!  OH goodness!  Please 🙂

And closely related is my very very recent obsession with her..She was born yesterday at 2pm and we met her at 4pm that day!  She is the most adorable little one EVER!  Honestly, if I didn’t love Aunt Juanita so very much…I might sneak out to the farm and steal her!  She would be very happy here with us, I am sure of it, and I would let her sleep in bed with us if she wanted 🙂  She didn’t have a name yet as of yesterday afternoon…but I am calling her Peaches!  I love her.

Last but not least, my final obsession that I will share with you today…

Babies with not much clothing, sunshine, warm days, light nights, smiles and giggles.  Honestly, this obsession is insane!  They can do no wrong, it is so so good!


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