Zoo and then some…

The boys love the zoo!  And so do I, it is great!  They can run around and I get to see the gorillas!  I LOVE the gorillas!

But the biggest hit las time we went was the penguins!  We always stop and see the penguins!  The boys love them…and there is a boat by them that they like to climb on 😉  But this day they were extra active, and the tank was super clean!  I got a ton of pictures of Henry with them!

He thought it was pretty amazing!

And although this has nothing to do with the zoo..we are going to this house in a few weeks!  My camera says this was in 1999 but I think it was the end of 2000…either way..look how young we were!  I am so excited to see these girls and stay with their mom and dad!  See you soon Ladies!!!




One thought on “Zoo and then some…

  1. You are correct, that was the end of 2000. Either way, sooooo long ago! I cant wait to see you and your adorable offspring!!!

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