a day in the life…





This is Valentino, he is my favorite alpaca.  He is odd looking and quirky and has beautiful eyes!  He just got a haircut…he looks crazy!

This is what they look like before a haircut, they are plump and shaggy, disheveled and cozy looking.  There are some Suri and some Huacaya!

Henry spent his time getting dirty and climbing on tractors!

After their haircuts they are skinny and alien like.

Cole spent his time running in circles, eating fruit, and reading!

In the end, we had a really great time at the alpaca shearing (or haircut as Cole calls it).  It is always fun to see the family and to get to run around!  Seeing the boys with the animals and in the dirt reminds me how much we want a little place for the kids to get dirty!  Someday we will have a mini farm, someday they will hate the chores that are involved, but for now we can dream!  And use our family and friends for out “farm” time!!

On a side note…I did leave with a little bit of yarn made from miss Princess Grace…to become handwarmers for Aunt Juanita’s friend, and I cast that on right when we got home….it is BEAUTIFUL!  Can’t wait to see what this years shearing creates!!


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