OK, so here is the deal…I have not washed my hair in over a week!  I know, gross!  Well, not really, well kinda!  Eric and I decided to try out the whole no shampoo deal.  I looked into it on some websites like simplemom and Here too, and decided to see if it is a good idea.

Let’s backtrack, be honest, really honest!  I don’t buy it!  I don’t!  In general I don’t get the whole beauty/cleansing/fru froo stuff.  I secretly believe that face wash companies are out to get us, making people break out and have dry skin so that we have to buy creams and make up to “restore” what God had already made perfect!  In that way, yes I do think that shampoo and conditioner are a scam!  They put alcohol in those products, that is completely counter intuitive to me!  But at the same time…I REALLY like being clean:)  And I really don’t like being stinky!  So, I might not wash my face with soap or use any makeup other than some chap stick, but you better believe I wash my hair four days a week!

But, what if it is true, what if my dry frizzy hair could be beautiful like Cole’s 🙂 haha, well, or at least less dry and frizzy!  So, we are trying it!  Eric is having a harder time, he spends his days around a lot of yucky chemicals and is afraid that his hair really needs a harsh shampoo, and he might be right but we will see.  Me on the other hand, I am doubting that I could EVER get away without a seriously large dose of leave in conditioner!

So, for now, we are a week in.  My hair doesn’t stink!  And my scalp does not itch, and my hair is being pretty good!  I wouldn’t wear it down or anything, but it looks fine!  I am gonna give it a go, for like two months!  And then decide what I think, I will let you know!


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