So, when I got the new camera (and still now) I had no clue how to use photoshop.  I have photoshop elements, a smaller version of photoshop, but seriously it is not in english and is not set up the same way my brain works.  So, alas, I have no clue what I am doing when I take the pictures and then I can’t fix them because I don’t know how to use the post process software.  What is a girl to do?!?

In my searching for tutorials, all I could find that interested me were tutorials on layering and overlays…so in learning how to use photoshop I am basically learning to do computer scrapbooking 😦  This is not wat I wanted!  But it is fun none the less, and it is a HUGE time waste!  HOLY HANNA!  HOURS of my life are gone 🙂

One thing that has been helpful is learning to resize items to use/email/blog!  I had no idea that the pictures my camera was taking wouldn’t be the correct size!  As you can see above…I should have listened when they said to sharpen and such…totally slow learning curve over here!!!

Please help me!!!  EEK!  If you know what sites might be of help to me send me quick!

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One thought on “nerd

  1. and of course me:) I can come help some although I am sure my version of elements is older than yours and I mainly use lightroom, but I still know the basics about photoshop.

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