Bath time…

is fun time! HOLY Hanna! Can you tell I got a new camera and I am trying my hardest to learn to use it! I can see where I am failing, I just have no idea how to make it better…yet! I will learn, I will learn.

I am loving the quality of my terrible pictures! And these ones in the bath are especially rad to me! The speed is great! I am trying to do this manual, so my lighting is horrid, but once again, I will learn…

Can you tell our bathroom is SOAKED at bath time!  They are crazy!  I feel bad because Cole really isn’t allowed to splash because his splashes are so big, but Henry is unstoppable, poor Cole 😉

This is the face I get when  I ask him if I can take his picture, I have a million pictures oh him looking to the side ( I kinda think it is hilarious )

and this just makes me smile.  A bit blurry, but makes me smile 🙂


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