Mothers day…

This weekend was great, well, it was good. It was busy and the weather was much nicer than the weather man said it would be! I think any day that has a little sun is the best! I am in need of something that feels like spring, and this weekend was close!

Mother’s day was spent sleeping in, having coffee, going to the aquarium then the japanese gardens, some bacon and brussele sprouts and topped off with a little huggin from my mom!

The baby!!

Playing in the sun

Cole is clearly upset about the candy he does not get to eat right now!

The gardens

And this was just before we left!
My mother’s day was a true picture of my life! I great day filled with unexpected “mothering”. Mr. Cole has been out of diapers for a month now!! He has been doing really great! He had an accident a week ago and only one the week before that! But today, approximately 4 minutes after we paid 12 bucks to go to a garden! he had an accident and we went home:( I am sure those gardens are equally as beautiful as you get further in, but we only made it about 100 yards in! Next time I am going sans kids and knitting in hand!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed your mother’s day! A special thanks to my Mom for putting up with raising us kids, I truly have so much respect for all you did and do for us!!


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