the last few days

The last few days have been great.  Nothing really exciting, just a few really good days!  I have felt super productive and the boys have been having a lot of fun!!

First, we told Cole NO MORE DIAPERS!  This is a big step, as you know!  And to be honest, not so sure why I didn’t do this like six months ago:)  It is glorious!  He is doing fantastic!  We were out all day today and had ZERO accidents!  Even sitting in the car for 45 minutes!  The next few weeks will be tough, but so far so good!

Henry got to go to his first baseball game!  And Cole is getting old enough to want to know what is going on out there!  We will surely be doing more baseball games this season!  It was surprisingly fun:)

I got to do some sewing!  New pants for both boys, and they are too cute! (the boys and the pants)  I am glad that I finally listened to mom and took my time cutting out the pattern and the fabric!  It makes such a huge difference!

We went to Kelsey Creek Park.  Highly recommend it!!  The animals were all out enjoying the sun and the kids got to run around and be crazy!  Then after Eric got home we transformed a table box into a gnome clubhouse that any hobbit would be jealous of!  Seriously, we should go into the hobbit house business!

Cole, I am sorry for the potty pictures!  Not sorry enough to take them out, but sorry none the less…aren’t you glad that your mom documented your entire childhood:)


One thought on “the last few days

  1. WooooHoooo! Way to go, Cole. He’s getting so big. I love the pants, Katy. Remember when we sewed those dresses down in RSM? Mine had cowboys all over it? I have that thing somewhere and need to dig it out.

    Hugs from Idaho 🙂

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