February 28th…

What a day, what a year!  What a crazy last three years haha.

Lets look at February 28th in review!  Our first stop is 2008.  This year on February 28th I was prego, yuck.  Cole was growing strong, we were young and excited and unaware of what was to come.  Eric and I were living in an itsy bitsy apartment in Greenlake, working and bussing everywhere we go.  We spent our free time with friends and walking around the lake.  We had time to do what we wanted!  We had excitement that I can’t even explain!!

Moving on…February 28th 2009.  Cole is now SIX months old!  We are living in Federal Way, Yuck!  Our little man makes us smile EVERYDAY!  We are pregnant with baby dos, but not for much longer.  We are happy, loving everyday, enjoying our little man grow and explore!

And then February 28th 2010.  Haha, it makes me cry.  Even now as I write this, it makes me cry.  On this day only ONE year ago Henry Charles Yates was born.  He didn’t come easy, he didn’t cry when he was born-I cried-Eric cried, but he didn’t.  Then he took a breath and a few hours later I got to hold him!  I didn’t let him go!  He came home and was immediately loved more than we thought we could love!  That adorable little man changed our world…AGAIN!

NOW! Today!  February 28th 2011! He turned ONE!  Yes, O N E!  He is so big:)  He is now 22lbs, he has graduated from the 12th percentile to just a normal size.  He is walking some more, he is talking all the time!  He laughs more than I every thought a small child could!  He has the happiest eyes in the world!  He has gone from dark dark brown hair to no hair to blonde hair.  He love balls and cars and wheels!  He eats like a velociraptor, and as much as an elephant.  He is happy and yet throws insane fits! (his brother never did that) He just sits down and THROWS his head on the floor crying and having a pitty party…it is quite entertaining.  He is a love, a big cuddle bunny.  And even ONE WHOLE YEAR LATER he is still our “mimi” (or meems for short)


3 thoughts on “February 28th…

    • Holy cow, he is BIGGER than Vincent!!! Did you ever think you would hear that. Haha. Sorry we missed his pary, I just couldn’t pack out day any fuller. Happy birthday little man! Let’s do some pictures…soon!

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