Baby book…

So, when I was in high school scrap booking was super cool (well, as super cool as I was, and lets be honest…I wasn’t cool). I am so thankful for those pictures and memories and the books that I now have to look at. But, overall, they are way more work than I like. It takes time, and space, and huge amounts of thought! Since having the kiddos, well before that I think, I have become quite fond of the online digital photo books! I have ordered from snapfish, iphoto, shutterfly…wow, I do this quite a bit! Recently I found my most favorite yet!!! Picaboo. I learned about it from a friend who shared a coupon and ended up ordering calenders and photo books as Christmas presents from them! I love it! You download their software(for free) and build your project on your computer, then you order it through their website. It is the best I have used. They have heaps of layouts and it is really customizable, which I like!

Here is our example….
For each of the boys on their first Christmas I have given them a book about themselves! It is super fun, and poor Cole, Henry’s is rad! I learned that kiddos love reading about themselves, and seeing pictures of themselves…so, although Cole’s is all all about him, Henry’s is written to him!

The cover can be completely customized! I went with a huge picture of my little man and his name and bday…simple enough.

There have 100’s of layouts! and equally as many backgrounds. Our whole book is “vintage desktop”.

When you pick a layout you then can completely customize that! So, I could add pictures, take them away, make them bigger/smaller, as you can imagine it is still time consuming! Not as bad as scrapbooking though!

The back cover is also customizable!

They are more expensive than lets say shutterfly, but the quality is great and the customer service is great as well!

I thought I would pass it along;) (groupon does coupons every once in a while…you should watch for one!!)


2 thoughts on “Baby book…

  1. cute. I have 2 of their groupons waiting to be used. For each kids first birthday they get a first year book…um, Áine’s still isn’t made. I’m so lame!

    • You are so lucky you have TWO! A first year book would be wonderful…but I am too lazy to put that much together (although for Henry it was a good 7 months!) Christmas made them much smaller. We seriously have like four or five books, my kids LOVE them! Hurry, make them one!!

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