So, I am going to share something with you. It isn’t that I “hide” this aspect of my life. It is more that I avoid talking about it. Eric calls me out on it sometimes, but that is a whole other post now isn’t it.

Here is Cole! He is adorable! He is all you look at, RIGHT!

Well, see all that stuff around him…that is what my house looks like! My kitchen is usually clean. Jenna says that if you can keep one room clean that it helps you not freak out about how much of a mess the rest of it is! I find that she is correct! If I can’ walk into just one space and not feel like I am being eaten alive by our own mess that I survive.

But, ok here it comes, there is one area that I fail in more than any other. This is a problem that both Eric and I can’t seem to overcome. It will soon take over half our house if we can’t get it under control….Laundry. I said it. I don’t mind doing it, I do it everyday. But I can’t bring myself to fold it! It is piled in both our rooms, it is on the dressers, in the corners, on the beds, it is filling a pack and play! It is a problem!

My solution…I think Eric should get to marry another woman. Not leave me or anything, but I think that I could deal with another woman in MY HOUSE if she was willing to fold laundry day and night! Good idea isn’t it!!


5 thoughts on “Honesty…

  1. I think my eldest brother’s friend is a genius. Her 6-year old son is a night owl and a bundle of energy, and she allows him stay up past his 8:30/9pm bed time as long as he is doing chores. Just think, all that laundry can be a thing of the past when Cole turns 5 and does not want to go to bed.

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