pea soup and fresh bread…

We have had pea soup and fresh bread for dinner two nights in a row.  That is what happens when you get a 8 1/2 qt crock pot for christmas along with a new bread book.  Thankfully, it is really good.

Right now Cole is in bed and Henry is playing with tools.  Both boys are still sick.  Cole is doing much better, Henry is doing a little better.  Both of them sound like cheesy jazz singers.  I caved and took Henry to the emergency room yesterday, peace of mind is worth so very much, when we left a few minutes later I was thankful that my babies are healthy and that we can go to the dr. just to “make sure”.  He is a silly kid, all giggles and smiles.

I hope this year is a bit like the last.  Last year was a pretty good year.  Maybe a cleaner house would be nice.


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