So much ado..

It is just about 11:00pm on New Years Eve, and I am going to bed:)  I am satisfied with my staying up this late and that is enough for me.  Both of the boys have been super sick.  Poor little monkeys!  But both are asleep in their own beds and I haven’t heard any coughing in over an HOUR!  I think we may have turned the corner back to healthy town.

Happy soon to be New Year!!

Someone might walk before he turns one!!  But I doubt it:)  He is standing unassisted for about three seconds at ago…he has NO idea how to move his feet hahahahaha, he is a silly monkey

I know I already showed ya’ll the spaceships, but I couldn’t resist this one.  Look at Cole’s face!  He is so excited!  And yes! that is a foil steering wheel in his hand!

We don’t have many pictures of the two of us, and really this is a terrible picture, but I love how relaxed and comfortable we look!  You wouldn’t even know that here was 22 of our family members an inch in front of me:) (thanks Brick for the pictures!!)

Have you met Stache?!?  She has been here for awhile now, but I can’t remember if I have shown any pictures of her yet.  She is pretty much amazing, and at the same time as terrible as any kitten can be!  We love her, and Sid loves her!  And her and Henry have a pretty huge love for each other!  She reminds me how thankful I am for my kids and animals relationships, they all really get along!  hahahahhaaha, I don’t quite know why or how but they do:)


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