holy hanna…4 days till…

Someone may or may not have been busy the last few days. Someone may or may not have over estimated their ability to take a picture and put it on the internetz every day for 20 days! So today, to try and make up for my lies :), I give you THREE pictures. Well, I give you three terrible pictures.

I have been obsessed with this hat! I am sad that I didn’t make my first one 2 1/2 years ago when I had Cole, I feel bad that he will never have baby pictures of himself in one! It is adorable, and he will have pictures of himself in one soon, because he has requested a brown one! Unfortunately, my child is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph! It is a joke! I must have 1 trillion pictures of this blurry kid on my camera. Therefore, I made Cole hold him! It didn’t work as you see 🙂

We went and saw Santa on Sunday morning. It went far better than expected, as you can see Cole wasn’t quite into it:) Santa said ” what do you want for Christmas” Cole said very mumbly “Happy Halloween clothes, Happy Halloween Shirt, Happy Halloween socks” Santa said “oh, would you like a dolly” Come on SANTA! Honestly, he is a boy! But Cole still said yes:)

Just so you know, every time he has been asked over the last month what he wants, he says that! Halloween clothing in december is tough for Santa!! haha


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