A bit has been going on around here…and I have been lacking updating! First, I am watching a fantastically wonderful little man a few days a week! He is 4 months and adorable! We love having him around, and Cole and Henry are really enjoying him:) Also, our very very good friends purchased a home on Vashon Island and we couldn’t be more excited to have friends so close!! We had a white Thanksgiving, which made Cole very very thankful (and his dad too as he got to miss a day of work!), and spent our dinner at Nana and Papas! It was perfect. As if all of that wasn’t enough…Ian and Sarah came to visit! We got to spend some time with them, it was so fun! Cole sure does love them! And Henry was pretty happy to play as well!!

We went and got our Christmas tree last night! It is the earliest I have ever gotten a tree! Technically yesterday is still November, ha! This morning Cole woke up and the first thing he said was…”we have a Christmas tree downstairs!”, and he was right! And…Eric turned on the lights before he left so when we finally made it downstairs the tree was all lit up!! Cole spent the first HOUR he was downstairs looking at all the ornaments!


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