all in due time…

Over the last few years I have thought about work, thought about contributing financially to this family, thought about adult conversation, thought about getting out of my sweats a little more often. I can’t believe I just hit the TWO year mark for being out of work! That seems unreal to me. I always thought I wanted to be a stay at home mom, and now that I have kiddos I think I want to EVEN more. But I seriously miss working, I miss talking to people, I miss having something to do, I miss feeling productive. It is funny because you better believe that every day I have something to do, and I am crazy productive here at home, and I do talk to people…but I still miss work. Well, I changed that! I went out and I got myself a mini job:) One day a week, for just a few hours, Saturdays! And, I LOVE it! It is at my LYS (local Yarn store) and it is a 10 minute walk from my house! They are amazing there, and I will learn so much! I get to spend my time with people who are interested in something that I love and it is only one day a week! PERFECTION!

This also means that Eric gets some just dad time! Which has been great! The boys seem to be doing really well, and I am doing much better that I thought I would-hahaha. I thought I was going to die the first time I left Henry, but we both did great and now it is a breeze.

There is some other stuff that is a changin’ around here as well! Exciting things that will keep us on our toes! Some that include boxes and some things that include heartbeats! Over the next month or so I will share with you, but for now…

this kills me:) I could just eat them up!

I am not pregnant and we are not moving…just an fyi since I have now been asked more than once


3 thoughts on “all in due time…

  1. Our LYS is closing this month. I’m quite sad. But now I can buy my goodies from you – woohoo! So happy for you and the new job. I’m sure the fam is loving their boy time, too.

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