all Hallows Eve…

Let me start of with a confession…

Yes, that is my child eating cheerios off my kitchen floor! But, in my defense…he rarely ever gets one into his mouth:)

Phew, now that that is off my chest, Halloween! We ended up debating if we were even going to bother with trick or treating. Cole is still kinda small to enjoy it, so we thought, and on Saturday we got dressed up and did the Halloween train so we had pictures. As we went to bed we decided to let the weather decide for us, and it decided WONDERFUL! So we walked through Gilman Village and Cole enjoyed it! My camera died so I have ZERO pictures! (Just so you know, for the real Halloween Henry was a pumpkin) We got home at 4:15 and Cole went right to bed! He is such a sleepy head:)

So, here are the pictures from the train!


3 thoughts on “all Hallows Eve…

  1. So, I have only one excuse…lazy! We were almost not even going to go trick or treating and by the time we decided to really go I didn’t want to bother. I know, totally lame! Next time, next time;)

  2. cute! I saw a little garden gnome when we were out–I think Target had a costume this year, it was pretty cute but your littles are cute no matter what costume they are in so it’s okay to be lazy. V’s Mr. T costume was cancelled on account of me not being able to justify putting my 9 month old in a short sleeve onesie and no hat!

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