days and hours…

227 hours or 5448 hours! That is how old Mr. Henry is today! Can you believe it! It is amazing to me, time seriously moves so much faster after you have kids! It is so quick, to fast to really take it all in. I try my hardest to really enjoy every little step but it is so hard when you know what comes next, or when you don’t know what comes next!

This is Henry 227 days ago…

And this is Henry now…

Quite a bit has changes:) Obviously, he is now hairless! It is growing slowly, but it is growing! He can now sit, he can even sit and play and sit and cry and sit and fuss. It is impressive. He can move backwards but no forward movement yet. He eats, and he eats like his brother…anything and everything. He loves being outside, loves the grass and the sun and just sitting under the trees. Henry seems to really enjoy being around people, he is a flirt and even on his fussiest days a trip to the grocery store seems to perk him right up. Speaking of fussy…he just is! That’s cool, if he wants to fuss I can handle it:) He is getting better and I find if I can engage him and Cole for more than like 2 minutes it really helps Henry enjoy himself. Sleep is still a bit of a sore spot, I keep reminding myself that he is still just a baby and it is totally normal to sleep for like 5 hours and then wake up:) Last night was really good…down at 10 up at 1 down at 130 up at 600 down at 610 up at 840! What, that is pretty amazing! In fact, if you ask me, I think he is pretty much all around AMAZING! I can’t imagine not having his adorable smile in my arms everyday!

The other day at the zoo the gorillas were all sleeping, they were so cute in little heaps on the floor. The baby gorilla was nursing while it’s mama was trying to nap. He was all arms and legs, they were all up in his moms face as he was picking at her and nursing. All I could think about was Mr. Henry, he nurses just like that! He is my little gorilla and he is sooo cute!

Oh, and on a side note…we are thinking garden gnome and mushroom for costumes this year! Pictures to come (we are going homemade!)


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