It is insane in southern CA right now, and I have never been more thankful to be here in the PNW!  It is sunny and breezy and pretty much a perfect early fall day!  Thank you CA for reminding me why I love where I live 🙂

As far as the “cool” think goes…well we kinda are sucking at it!  I have all these cool ideas but they just are quite coming together.  The Pew was gross, ugly, too big, too old, too messed up!  But I am still on the hunt for something perfect!  And the chair is nowhere to be found, the lady disappeared, but I have not given up hope.  The window is pretty darn “cool”, and we added a branch and a bird to it and we love it.

Henry and Cole are way cooler than me though!  I mean look at Cole, someone obviously knows that over the knee boots are WAY in this season…And Henry heard through the grapevine that all the cool kids can sit at his age, so he decided to try it…

We are patiently waiting for October, by far one of our best months!  Halloween, Eric’s birthday, yummy food, friend in from out of town, and the beginning of holiday crafting!  Hopefully something “cool” comes out of it all!!


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