Today is a new day…

It is a new day, and a new week!  We are slowly getting ready for fall, cleaning and getting out more fall clothing.  The bathroom was scrubbed extra clean today and the kitchen given a deep once over.  Little things to prepare us for the extra time we will surely be spending inside.

Our weekend also included a family trip to the library (if you ask me…pretty much as “cool” as it gets)…lots of knitting books and cook books to get us ready for fall and winter! As well as yet another trip to the hatchery!!  We have gone about four times in the last week!  Cole wakes up asking to see the fish.  It is fascinating, we can see the fish in the river out our door and he hatchery is a two minute walk away!  So many fish!!

While trying to up the ante on the “cool” front, Eric and I collaborated in a craft project.  We hung the window, finally, and decided to spruce it up a bit!!  Both of us have become quite obsessed with birds as of late so we added a little friend to the window.  It is  quite the cute little guy, and the paper we got is A-MAZE-ING.  It is actual wood!  The picture doesn’t do much for it, but here it goes…

On another note…Henry went to bed last night in his own crib in his big brothers room!  This is the first go we had at having them in the same room.  We have had the pack n play set up in our room, he naps in there and goes to bed in there and then when he wakes up in the middle of the night I just grab him and nurse him and sometimes he stays with me and every once in awhile he is put back in his pack n play.  All the while, he has a real crib in his brothers room that I have been really nervous to try.  I don’t want to mess with Cole’s sleep, the last thing I want is TWO kids not sleeping.  But, so far so good!  Henry was noisy as he went to sleep (I don’t let my kids cry themselves to sleep, I am a freak!) he was “eeeehhhh-ing” for about five minutes and Cole didn’t get out of bed or talk to him at all!!!!  In fact, when Henry woke up at 11 and then at 1 and when I put him back in and let him fuss for a minute, Cole NEVER made a peep!  Henry woke up this morning in my bed, we tried and we will try again, but for now…he has TWO bedrooms:)  I figure if I can just get them to fall asleep together than we can begin to work towards a bit of a schedule!  Hahaha, we don’t really ever plan on having a schedule, but if my kids can just sleep at the same time that would be radical.


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