it is nice…

It is nice to be working towards something, even if it is just social status! In today’s agenda we find: stealing a car, fabric shopping, coffee drinking, and napping! I am pretty sure that in the correct context all of these things are super freakin “cool”!

We stole Nana’s car today, we are a one car family, so that we could run a muck and get out of the house! Both Cole and I go a little crazy if we stay inside for a whole week, and yesterday we hit our limit. We went out for some java and went to the fabric store, I picked out some yarn which got put back but I should have bought it.

Our plan for the weekend…well, my husband is choosing to spend his night with the guys drinking beer and playing video games, so I am kickin it with the boys here at home:) The rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning up and then playing outside as much as possible with our rain boots on! I foresee a rainy walk in our future!!

Enjoy your weekend!


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