Day 3 of becoming “cool”…

In keeping up our plan I have ventured into new territories! I have picked out a piece of furniture which I will reupholster and make “cool” again! I have never done something like this before but I love and readymade mag so I am sure I can figure it out! Mind you, I am a dreamer and this chair is a craigslist chair, so I know that I might not be the one to get it, especially because I can’t even get to it till SATURDAY! Here is the chair, keep in mind I will do away with the tufting..

and these are the ideas for fabric…

and then there is this, it is TOTALLY different but I love it…

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Also, I am not so sure how “cool” this is but ya know, I think this weekend we are finally taking the window off our front porch. This window has moved with Eric and I to FOUR different houses because I love it so much! It has NEVER been hung or used in any way other than sitting on the porch. It is big and heavy and old. But, it will soon be hung! And even if it isn’t “cool” I don’t care, I just want it off my porch! (I will post pictures when we get it up so that you can see it)


One thought on “Day 3 of becoming “cool”…

  1. I am not sure what your window looks like, but my friends had an old window hanging on the wall in their house and it was totally cool. I also hope some day to find a really cool old window and use it as a “picture frame,” however, my ideas are usually really cool and my results are usually not. 🙂 Good luck hanging the window–when you are done you can come hang the wall shelf we have moved twice and never gotten around to hanging

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